Thursday, June 02, 2005

Where the hell is Bobby Casey?

As I saw that George Bush is coming to Montgomery County for a big dollar fundraiser for Santorum, something ran through my head.

Let me paint you a scenario, and see if this sounds familiar:

A right-wing incumbent enters a pre-election year with some pretty weak polling numbers, showing a clear ability to be beaten. This incumbent says some questionable things, and makes policy decisions that seem far out of the mainstream. He is a polarizing figure, who only barely got into office in the first place, and Democrats are pretty confident that they can win.

His Democratic opponent seems like a good guy. Maybe a little boring, but generally a decent man. He supposedly has certain elements to his candidacy that will help eliminate the incumbent's biggest advantages. He is the most "electable" candidate.

And so, the race begins. The incumbent says off the wall, nutty things, and proves himself far out of the mainstream with policy after policy, speech after speech. Seeing this opening, the Democratic challenger takes the opportunity to A)go for the kill, or b) stay positive, and assume his opponent will just hang himself with his own rope? The challenger takes choice B, stays positive, to the point of barely even mentioning his opponent, and instructing his supporters to do the same. (The challenger eventually changes this tactic, but, it seems to be a little late in the game for that.)

My question: Who are the two candidates were are talking about here? George Bush and John Kerry, or Rick Santorum and Bobby Casey? Does this strategy seem too much like Kerry's against Dubya?

Just randomly, off the top of my head, some things that Casey could have at least issued a damn press release about:

Santorum, and his cozy connection with Wal-Mart
Santorum's continued push to destroy Social Security
Santorum calling Democrats Nazis
Santorum calling for a BS raise of the minimum wage that would shaft a whole class of workers.

All of the above are issues that Casey could attack on. Most of them, in fact, are issues where he can attack from the area of his greatest strength: A reputation for caring about your average, 9-5, working Pennsylvanian. Instead, he sits quietly, assuming Santorum will beat himself.

Lets hope we see a little more from this candidate soon. If not, November 2006 is going to feel a little too much like November 2004.


At 9:49 AM, Anonymous albert said...

Or, we can rally behind the Progressive choice, Chuck Pennacchio.

At 1:36 PM, Anonymous Chasman said...

Here is where Casey is talking --- through the PA Democratic party. They act as a very nice safety net because they’ll say it and he’s protected. It’s exactly what the PA GOP are doing for Santorum as well. Santorum’s not talking about Casey…the party is talking about Casey. That doesn't make it ok for Casey to keep so quiet but he’s trying to protect himself early on from saying stuff they can use. Either way the PA Democratic party is WAAAAY too slow with their responses. It doesn’t mean much if they don’t get their press releases out until 2 days after Santorum’s stupid comments.

At 4:22 PM, Blogger AlexC said...

What I dont understand is your complaint about Santorum's clumsy nazi analogy (stupid, as it was), but your refusal to acknowledge and condemn Byrd for making an even more direct Nazi analogy, a few months back.

I've searched your blog twice now, and haven't seen any.

Why not?

"Because Byrd is not your Senator" is not an answer.

It's a dodge. If your offended, you should be both.

By not being offended, which you are not (or weren't), you're tacitly saying that it's ok to use that term.
But only if the speaker is on your side.

That's pretty sad.

At 9:53 PM, Blogger DanielUA said...

Oh give me a break. I don't criticie people in my own party.


Off the top of my head, those I have criticized when I disagreed with them:

Lynne Abraham
Allyson Schwartz
Michael Stack
Ed Rendell
John Street
Pretty much any member of City Council
Bob Casey

So yeah, sorry, take the crapola elsewhere. Why waste my time worrying about Robert Byrd? What he said was dumb. Again, he is not my Senator. And again, a simple search in technorati will show you that you are wrong: when I see something I don't believe in, I let people know, regardless of party affiliation.

At 11:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 8:41 PM, Blogger DanielUA said...

I deleted the comment above. Anonymous personal attacks will continue to be deleted.

At 12:26 PM, Blogger NECHS1983 said...

Radio host Dom Giordano on 1210am has mentioned that he has sought Casey's participation many times without success. (Giordano often brings on people with whom he may not agree and always treats them with respect. If he didn't, they wouldn't return.) Casey hasn't been in the public eye thus far in his career. All most Pennsylvanians know of him is the identity of his father. I suspect that he has the personality of a damp sponge, and for that reason is being kept under wraps.


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