Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Random Thoughts

1) Ray Murphy, Ben Waxman and I met to talk about the site, potential for the future, etc. One of the things that we talked about was the need for a larger and greater diversity of voices on here. So, whether you are someone who is one of our contributors but may not say much, or whether you are someone who is only a reader to this point, I would heartily encourage you to get involved. WRITE. You have something important to say, and you can help shape Young Philly Politics. Whether you are a student, a teacher, a lawyer, an organizer, unemployed, underemployed, whatever. You have something important to say. Say it.

2) I don't talk much about sports on here, and I will continue that. But man, I think the Phillies are winning just to kill us all in the fall. But... if they can win tomorrow, sweeping the Giants, they are at five hundred, and on a real roll.

3) Great article by Jeff Gelles about how the collection of your personal information is stored and used by everyone from internet merchants to CVS.

4) We will, hopefully reasonably soon, be moving the site to CivicSpace, which should really make the site more user friendly, and encourage even more participation.


At 12:13 AM, Blogger Pat Evans/Butcher/Wicks said...

...and we ate some good burritos. Additonally, we talked about how exciting it is that Dan's original vision of providing a progressive alternative to YIP has been realized. However, it's hard work to come up with consistent, orignial and quality content that covers issues of interest to progressive young Philadelphians. So, in short, I second Dan's call for more writers.

At 1:41 AM, Anonymous Aaron Couch said...

hey, i'm excited to see where you guys are going with this site. i think civicspace would be a great move (i have started to fool around with the drupal software, but have zero expertise to offer at this point).

i'm interested to hear if you have plans to create more original content, reports from council hearings for example or interviews, and what your thoughts are on how this site interacts with current non-profits like committe of seventy or project home (there was a council hearing today on the proposed housing trust) who are advocating some of the reforms and progressive politics y'all are championing.


At 10:14 AM, Blogger Ben Waxman said...

Interviews are something I would love to starting doing on a regular basis. We're also hoping to be putting forth a lot more original content in the next few weeks.

At 11:45 AM, Blogger Friedman said...

"a progressive alternative to YIP" - definitely an interesting concept. I know a lot of the YIP folks as well as the founders - they're a pretty hip, young, progressive, compassionate organization. How does YPP see itself with respect to YIP. Just curious.


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