Thursday, June 30, 2005

It is confirmed

I walked up and down the Parkway, there really are not enough Johns.

But, in reality, I was just at the Art Museum, because I was watching the relighting of Boathouse Row (which was really cool). The preperations for the concert are going on everywhere. With all the trucks going everywhere, I thought, we are either preparing for a huge concert, or we are getting ready to invade New Jersey.

I am excited. I know most people are turning out for the concert itself. But the fact is that hundreds of thousands of people are turning out as a way to raise consciousness about debt relief in Africa, not the sexiest topic in the world. I am happy to be in the city that it is hosting it.

Live 8 Philly.


At 11:03 AM, Blogger Dan_Is_a_Troll said...

Just back from watching Live 8 setup and rehearsals. Saw multiple trucks loaded with porta johns coming in on top of the ones already in place. Gotta troll for something don't ya?


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