Wednesday, June 01, 2005

A Government No One Believes In

A government we believe in. Seems like a worthy goal. Too bad, at least in Philly, we certainly don't have it now. In the latest IssuesPA poll (with a credit to Dan Rubin at Blinq), it turns out that all of 20 percent of Philadelphia trust their government to 'do the right thing' all or most of the time. Wow. 20 Percent. The disaffection is clearly a number that spreads across all classes and all creeds.

As the authors state, part of that number is clearly a corruption trial number:
With all the recent reporting about political corruption in local government, it is no surprise that Philadelphia city residents do not hold their local elected officials in higher esteem. As shown in the table above, only 20 percent of city residents feel they can usually trust local officials to do the right thing
But, you know what, it is more than that. It is more than the fact that the City Treasurer was found guilty of corruption. It is the whole culture: The one where Councilman hold up projects in their neighborhood if they were not paid proper respects; where a Councilwoman threatens to destroy Philly historic preservation efforts just because she is pissed off at something or someone; where zoning boards serve those who appointed them, not Philly residents.

This is a problem that started well before John Street, and it will not end after him. But, does it surprise you that people in the Philly burbs trust their officials a hell of a lot more? Think that may be a part of why people leave?

One, small solution? See the post above.


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