Thursday, June 09, 2005

An Alternative Approach to Defeating Santorum in 2006 ( is raising money to test public service as a campaign tactic. In the long term, we Democrats need to experiment more. In the immediate term, we can use public service campaigns in the red parts of PA to increase Democratic turnout for the fight to beat Santorum.

The basic problem is that we keep clearing the field for our primaries instead of using competition to strengthen our party. Because of the way our campaigns work, its obvious why we really should clear the field. If we're going to fix this problem, we have to change the way we run our primary campaigns.

The only really safe place to try something radically new is in the districts where the Democratic nominee can't possibly win. There's hardly any way to make that situation worse!

Therefore, is recruiting Democratic Congressional candidates in the deep red parts of swing states (especially PA) who will work together in a series of public service competitions. By competing on the basis of turn-out they can hopefully produce a healthy and beneficial primary campaign in which more candidates is better for everyone.

Our ideal candidates will share all infrastructure costs (legal, accounting, IT, HR, and so on) and focus solely on working together on creative public service events. An example event would be a park cleanup. All the candidates would get as many Democratic voters as they could to the event. The candidates and the voters would work together to clean up the park. The candidates would also have a chance to speak to the voters. will track their turnout efforts in a central GOTV database. If the event is competitive, then the candidate who turned out the most people would be noted in a press release. In the end, the eventual nominee would have the benefit of all the candidates' turnout efforts, because the primary winner will receive the combined GOTV database built up in the course of the successive public service events.

Public service campaigns should produce a vastly increased Democratic (and anti-Santorum) turnout in the red parts of Pennsylvania in November 2006.

Please see for more information.

Eric Loeb
Executive Director


At 8:09 PM, Blogger Dumplingeater said...

This is a very interesting effort, and it will be really interesting if the effort grows enough momentum to be applied to areas where Democrats do have a chance to win. Unfortunately, I suppose not a lot of us have contacts in "red" areas of the state, but I hope folks reading this do use what opportunities to arise to promote your "campaign."

At 10:04 AM, Blogger Eric Loeb said...

Thank you.

Right now the PAC needs exposure so that we can come in with enough cash to be a real help in building the infrastucture of the red county committees (computers & lists mainly). The PA-19 and the PA-10 have both had NO DEMOCRAT RUNNING for several cycles. Just running somebody should help our turnout in Nov 2006, but these districts need our help re-building after many years of neglect.

Please help by spreading the word, or signing up on the site as a volunteer, or donating.

The PAC's purpose in this cycle is to callibrate the effect of candidate co-operation on public service events. I fully believe it will then be clear that this is a way to win elections in swing districts. Still, even if public service events aren't effective, I hope this idea will carry foreward: We can and should be doing campaign experiments in districts where its safe to do so.

At 2:34 PM, Blogger ACM said...

This is a neat idea -- it has the possibility of opening up the "values" playing field in reality (rather than rhetorical) space. Just seeing piles of Democrats out doing things everybody can support will be an eye-opener to a lot of folks, especially if it keeps up long enough to outwear the cynics...

best of luck!


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