Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Ali down for the count

Shamsud-din Ali, a prominent Muslim cleric with close ties to the Street Administration, has been found guilty of corruption charges. He is the second major figure to be successfully prosecuted and convicted by the U.S. Attorney General.
The jury convicted him on 22 of the 34 counts in the indictment, including the racketeering charges. The jury found him not guilty on four counts and were undecided on eight counts.

A co-defendant, businessman John Johnson, charged with extortion and attempted extortion in two alleged schemes to shake down waste-hauling companies seeking city contracts, was found guilty across the board.

But a third co-defendant, John Christmas, a one-time assistant to the mayor's chief of staff, accused of aiding in a property tax collection scheme and lying to a grand jury about his role, has been found not guilty
An interesting discussion has begun over at Attytood about what all of this means for Philadelphia politics.


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