Monday, May 16, 2005

What you can do right now.

What the campaign needs, more than anything, is to GOTV. To that end, please log in, get a list of addresses or telephone numbers, and remind people that tomorrow we have a huge election, and a real need for a change.

The election will have 18 to 24 percent turnout, every single vote matters. The incumbent's strategy has been to hope people do not notice that we have an election. Log in, sign up, and get involved. Below is what you say...

GOTV Phone Rap for the Final Push

Hi, how are you. My name is ______. Is _____ [name] in?

[If the person you are seeking is in, continue; if not, ask when they might be in, and then thank the person you are talking to for their time. If the person you are looking for has moved away, and the person you ARE talking to has recently moved in, then they are a potential turnout target and you should proceed with the rap. You'll mark the contact who has moved as a bad contact AND add this new person as a good contact and continue rap with them.]

I’m a volunteer working on the upcoming election on Tuesday May 17th. Are you planning to vote for Seth Williams or Lynne Abraham for District Attorney?

[Seth] Great! I'm a volunteer with the Seth Williams campaign and we're working to get out as many voters as possible on Tuesday to make real changes in the DA’s office and our city. The race is really close, but if we all get out and vote on Tuesday, we can defeat Lynne Abraham and make the DA’s office a force for change in our city.

Your polling place is the same as the one you went to during the presidential election. If you don’t know where that is, you can go to to find out. The polls are open from 7 AM-8 PM.

You can go to the website and download a campaign poster to put in your window and get other information about Seth to share with your friends.

Thanks for your time _______ [name], and thank you for your support. Make sure to vote on Tuesday!

Ok, well I'm a volunteer with Seth Williams for DA and we believe that the best solution to gun violence and crime in our city is to elect a new DA who understands the links between crime and drugs, jobs and public health. After 14 years with Lynne Abraham, I think it is time for a change. You can see more information on our website at and I hope you'll decide to support Seth on May 17th.

[Abraham] OK, thanks for participating in our survey, and have a nice day


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