Monday, May 23, 2005

Seth's 05 Legacy

Tom Fitzgerald has a pretty nice piece in today's Inquirer about the reactions of local political leaders to the Seth Williams campaign.

Fitgerald's piece points out that Seth cut into Abraham's base wards from 2001, winning Chestnut Hill, parts of Mt Airy and the 30th Ward (which is actually in Center City south of South Street, not University City as Fitzegerald states).

Since my role for the campaign was to engage the email community (which demographically can be quite different than bloggers) in the campaign, I am pretty excited to hear that we won those areas. The wards Seth won outside of the African-American base are proof of the effectiveness of our direct emails and blogs (not to mention the Inky and NPR).

Before I comment on this more, I really want to delve into the numbers and speak with more authority about places we made gains from 2001.

As one part of the longer report I would like to post about the Seth Williams experience, I would like to include the stories of readers like you either as volunteers for Seth, or at the polling place, or in the nighborhood on election day. If you have any experiences to share, please send me an email at

Stay tuned...


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