Saturday, May 14, 2005

Seth Williams Happy Hour

So, last night was the blogger driven happy hour for Seth Williams. And, considering this was all put together in the last three days, all I can say is "wow." With a really cool mix of liberal do gooders, bloggers, ex DA's, and the campaign staff, we easily had 40 or more people, signed up a slew of volunteers, raised a significant amount of money, had a great time, and once again heard from, and talked with the future DA of Philadelphia. It was empowering, and really just a lot of fun.

From the blogosphere, we had Chris Bowers from MyDD, Chris from Rowhouse Logic, ACM from A Smoke Filled Room, Matt from Tattered Coat and Philly Future, and Ray, Charles and myself from Young Philly Politics, as well as a few of our "in theory" posters. It was cool to put faces to names, and to email addresses.

Chris has a really great write-up, titled "Momentum," which is quite apt:
The turnout for last night's Happy Hour for Seth Williams was terrific and the enthusiasm in the room was palpable. Strike that, the enthusiasm was incredible and the room was so packed that it was difficult to move, let alone get a drink. Seth gave another in a long string of speeches that have left me speechless. Just to prove that I wouldn't make much of a reporter, I took no notes and I can't quote directly. There was a line from his speech that I really loved. It was something like "When you give a check to a lot of politicians in this city you expect something in return like a patronage job or a city contract. I can't offer you that and I'm not going to give you that. What I'm offering is justice, equality, safety and a better city." Again not the exact quote but pretty close. Wow is, I believe, the right adjective.

We can win this thing. Have no doubt in your mind that we can win this election.
Cannot say it better myself. We have pictures, and maybe even some video that should appear sometime today. But make no mistake, this small happy hour, where 40 people gathered because of blog and email driven invites, is significant. This, I think, is only very, very much the start for what our power can do, and what it will do, over the next few years.

I will write more later. In the meantime, go to Seth's website, and sign up to volunteer (and donate if you are so able). There are all kinds of things you can do up to, and during, election day. Be part of the change...

More soon.


At 1:17 PM, Blogger Pat Evans/Butcher/Wicks said...

I couldn't have put it any better myself. In the interest of time though, if you have any time tomorrow to volunteer come to the FOP Headquarters at 13th and Spring Garden between 1:00 and 4:00 to go door-to-door for Seth. If you can spare any other time, even if it is just to drop literature on your own block, just email me at

At 10:20 AM, Blogger ACM said...

As I was waiting for the bus, with a handful of campaign signs under my arm, a complete stranger (older white man) asked me "is that guy going to win?" I said something along the lines that we hope so, blah blah. And he said that Seth had won his vote that morning on Radio Times!

Guess I'll be listening on my computer today, but let's hope that others were impressed as well.



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