Monday, May 02, 2005

Schwartz Still Silent on Bankruptcy; Anonymous Sources Not

Every few days, I look around to see if "progressive" Congresswoman, Allyson Schwartz has said anything about the Bankruptcy Bill. Still, nada, as far as I can tell. Unfortunately for her, others are not so quiet. In fact, I got an email from an anonymous source telling me to check the Wikipedia (the free online enclyopaedia) entry on her. I did, and, if it is true, it is certainly revealing:
Political scientists noted her record high level of fundraising. Former state legislators should raise more money from PACs and rely on them for higher proportions of their total receipts. However, despite Allyson Schwartz’s State Legislative experience, she raised $4,597,032 ( [1] ( from individual donations and comparatively little ($558,376) in PAC donations ( [2] (

The finance department countered or prepared for Melissa Brown’s potential avenues for fundraising. They cut off her fundraising from PACs that would normally support her, such as Realtors and financial services by persuading them that Allyson Schwartz could also address their needs. The purpose of communicating with PACs was not always to try to gain contributions, for the campaign understood that certain PACs would not donate to Democratic candidates. Instead, their purpose was to say to them, "If you can’t support than don’t hurt us” and many did not contribute to the race on either side.
She sure did address their needs. And, we will see if she continues to do so. Meanwhile, it has been weeks, and no one has seemed to hear a peep.

Still waiting, Congresswoman.


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