Thursday, May 05, 2005

Sample Email for the Day of Action

Dear Friends:

Today, I am taking part in a City-wide day of action for Seth Williams, candidate for District Attorney. Seth is a candidate we can all support: He is smart, dynamic, progressive and will implement fundamental reforms that Philly's broken criminal justice system so desperately needs. In short, he is exactly the kind of elected official that we need more of. Unfortunately, Seth's message of reform is up against a Philadelphia machine that thinks the status quo is good enough.

Today, by pledging our votes (, and spreading the word to others, activists all around the City are standing up, and announcing their attention to be heard on May 17th.

To pledge your vote ( takes ten seconds. The impact however, as we alert thousands of people in our personal networks could be much bigger. In an election with 25% percent turnout, we have a real chance to make a statement about the future of our city, and what kind of candidates we will support.

To the future of the Philadelphia,


PS- Please forward this on to any Philadelphia voter you can think of, and ask them to do the same. How many votes can we pledge in just one day? Go to, and be a part of something totally new to Philly politics.


At 10:46 AM, Blogger bda.eli said...


If you have a few minutes during your lunch break come out to Dilworth Plaza at JFK Boulevard and 15th Street (near Frank Rizzo statue) for a rally to get Philadelphians to vote on May 17th. There will be a whole bunch of community and civil organizations there. Come show your support!


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