Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Mariano refuses to show us the money

Or rather, his sources of money.

City Councilman Rick Mariano is under a cloud of suspicion as the Feds look into who paid off his credit card bills during a time when City Council was not being paid. But, on a newly filed financial disclosure form, Mariano simply left more to be asked.

From The Daily News:
With two exceptions, Mariano refused to detail to whom he owes money, how he earns money, if he has received any gifts or payments, and if he owns or works for any other businesses.

He listed only his City Council job and a credit card charging him 14.5 percent interest.

In a statement attached to the reports, Mariano said his attorney had advised him not to answer the questions, citing his rights under the Fifth and Fourteenth amendments of the Constitution and Article 1 of the Pennsylvania Constitution.
Actually, my favorite part is the quote from Jimmy Tayoun, former City Councilman, who was of course indicted and convicted of corruption, giving us lessons on City ethics:
"I love the feds," Tayoun joked. "If you can give them a politician, they'll give you the moon."
Only in Philly.


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