Thursday, May 05, 2005

Day 3 of Philly Bloggers For Seth Williams: Collecting Votes

Today, in the continuing effort of Philadelphia bloggers to make a real impact in the upcoming District Attorney's race, we are taking part in the third united day of action for Seth Williams (see Day 1, Day 2).

Today, our goal is simple: to get as many Philadelphia voters as possible to pledge their vote to Seth. In an election where turnout will be in the 20's, getting as many people involved and committed to voting will be crucial.

What we are doing is asking our readers to take ten seconds and pledge their vote, (let them know Young Philly Politics sent you), and to commit to sending an email out to their fellow Philadelphia voters asking them to do the same. (A sample email is contained in the post below.) Above all else, we are coordinating again to spread the word and tell them to go to, and become a part of the Philadelphia grassroots community that is making waves around the City, and around the blogosphere.

No huge speeches on why we need Seth, you all know it. (Just in case- here.)

And, as the day goes on, the list of blogs that are participating will be updated here, and at Philly Future. Be it by sending emails or writing on your own blog, take action, and become part of the solution.

Above all else, pledge your vote today!

Other participating blogs:

Above Avg. Jane, eloquent as usual.
Rowhouse Logic
The Tattered Coat
The West End
America's Hometown
Music For America


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