Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Bloggers and Others: Friday Happy Hour Party/Low Key Fundraiser for Seth

On Friday evening, at 5:30PM, a few of us are putting together a happy hour/final weekend kickoff/low key fundraiser (like $25) for Seth Williams. As with our days of action, the fundraiser will be coordinated with bloggers around the City. Already, Chris, at Rowhouse Logic is in, as well as myself and Ray Murphy. Come have a beer with some of the writers of Young Philly Politics, like minded people, and Seth Williams himself.

It should be a pretty cool crowd, a mix of blog and non-blog types. Send me an email at danielua (at) gmail dot com if you are interested in checking it out.

It will be a fun, constructive way to kick off the weekend, and meet some cool Philly people, including Seth.


At 3:22 PM, Blogger Ben Waxman said...

90% sure i'll be there.

At 3:31 PM, Blogger DanielUA said...


At this point we have yesses (or 90 percent yesses) from at least 5 people from the YPP crowd, plus a bunch of other people. It should be fun.


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