Sunday, May 15, 2005

All Hands on Deck

Two days. Really, 35 hours, and then election day begins. When it is over, I will turn my focus onto many other Philly matters. But, man, these are the final, and I mean final, hours.

Are you doing what you can? If you can spare even a few hours on election day, do so. If you can spend a few hours tomorrow making calls, or knocking on doors, go to the website, and log in. Who wants to hang out on election day, knocking on doors, getting out the vote, and then celebrating at night, at the campaign party?

And, in the news today, a few important developments. Remember the controversey over the number of cases that are dismissed in Philly? Well, the Inquirer did its own examination, and, what did they find? Seth is right, of course.

Also, not insignificant, the Philadelephia Tribune joins the Inquirer in calling for change, and endorsing Seth.

Again, come out on election day, party with me and many others as we get votes for the change of Philadelphia.


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