Tuesday, May 17, 2005

12,000 votes

We lost, by a margin that looks to be approximately 12,000 votes. 12,000 goddamned votes.

I will write more over the next few days about what this all means. But, I just want you all to know that I just saw, in a concession speech, someone who is clearly not only Philadephia's next District Attorney, but someone who will help usher Philadelphia politics into the next century.

I will leave you with what Seth said in his concession speech at the party: People said a positive, issues driven campaign could not be run in Philadelphia. People said that if an African-American candidate ran for DA, he had to resort to [charges of] racism, to pour gasoline on his own City. He refused, and ran a campaign where he can look his daughters in the eyes, and tell him he is proud of what he did. And, he finished with the same thing that he said when he led a group of PSU students to Harrisburg to protest apartheid:

His feet are tired, but his soul is rested.


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