Saturday, April 09, 2005

Updated blogroll, and some new links

As you may have noticed, we updated our Philly blogs and resources page, thanks to a little prodding by Ben. If you have a liberal to liberalish Philly or Philly area site, and you want it listed, just email me and I will try and get it up there, at least eventually.

And, though I have yet to add them, there are a few sites that you might find interesting.

1)Santorum Watch
A site that collects a ton of info about Senator Santorum, including his anti Amtrak vote, followed by his pro-Amtrak column in the Inquirer, followed, I believe by some more anti Amtrak statements and maybe even votes. Anyway, good source material for Santorum stuff if you need it. It also includes his voting record, and a list of his biggest contributors.

2)Philly for Change
I have only been able to go to two Philly for Change meetups so far, and have a sporadic schedule that will probably keep me from being anything but an occasional attendee. But, I am telling you, there are some damn smart, dedicated, progressive people there who are good to be around.

3)Philly Neighborhood Networks
I have talked about them a bunch, but there website now has a lot more detail then previously. So if you are interested in what they are trying to do, check them out.


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