Thursday, April 14, 2005

Take the poll, support some progressives

First, before I get started, I wanted to make a front page welcome to Ray Murphy. His first two posts have been great, and are exactly the sort of discussions we should be having here. And frankly, the post on the minimum wage educated me. So, Welcome, Ray.

Second, Politics PA is taking a poll to see who people think the next Democratic candidate should be for Lt. Governor. Right now, Barbara Hafer is winning. While I was happy that Hafer was going to run against Santorum, and I was very happy that she saw the light and switched parties, I think there are some better, more progressive choices for Lt. Gov. For example: Joe Hoeffel. (Another good choice might be Kathleen McGinty, who everyone seems to think is headed for higher places.) Although I do not think Hoeffel ran a great campaign against ol' Arlen, he seems like a genuine good guy, genuine proud liberal and genuine blogger. I would vote for him in a second. (As an aside, liberal is a word that we reclaim here and now.)

Anyway, whoemever your vote is, take the poll and support your pick.

(UPDATE- So they are not lost in the shuffle, check out the really good comments in Ray's BPT post.)


At 2:56 PM, Anonymous D.K. said...

Sorry - the deal has already bben cut. Hafer gets the nod with no real challenge in the primary.
I agree 100% that Joe Hoeffel is a great and genuine American who is very well suited to almost any office in our country- but an all S.E. ticket would not bode very well statewide.


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