Monday, April 04, 2005

Sign the Anti Pay-to-Play Petition

A group of dismayed, concerned citizens has started a site to recreate some momentum for ethics legislation in the City. Their plan seems to be this: on April 13th the group will deliver a petition from Philadelphia citizens demanding the passage of ethics reform. And then, Councilman Nutter will reintroduce his bill.

Check out their website at They have email links for the shameful five Councilmembers who voted against the legislation, and other helpful info. Check them out, and sign the petition, which takes all of 30 seconds.

All over Philly, concerned citizens are trying to make their voices heard, and make a difference. We need to find a way to unite all of us. I hope this and a few others of our sites (which, as Ben has noted, we should, and will be linking to more) can help in the process.


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