Thursday, April 21, 2005

Now: Online Day of Action For Seth Williams

As many know, we are one month away from an election for District Attorney in Philadelphia. Despite the fact that the mainstream press refuses to give the race its due, we in the online activist community are uniting behind a candidate that we can truly believe in: Seth Williams.

Today, all around the Philly blogosphere, we will be spreading the word about Seth , his case for Philadelphia reform, and why we need him in office immediately. Our goals are threefold. First, we want to spread the word, and raise awareness about the upcoming race. Second, we want to sign up as many volunteers as possible for the campaign. And third, we want to see how many donations the progressive community can make in a day. It is a day to flex our muscles, and show what we can do for a candidate who we desperately need.

Why vote for Williams? Just a few of the reasons...

First, Lynn Abraham is flat out awful. How? How about the fact that she steals the homes of law abiding Philadelphians? How about the fact that she runs a DA's office that doesn't believe in collecting statistics, (quite strange, if you ask me)? How about the fact that her policy is all death penalty, all the time? The list goes on...

Why Seth Williams? Let us count the ways.

First and foremost, Seth is a fundamentally decent man. Want to see a comment on his character? How about the fact that Seth, when he was in College at Penn State, led a march of students from Happy Valley to Harrisburg, to protest PSU's implicit acceptance of Apartheid in South Africa? See Jane's post for more on his trip.

Second, this is a candidate who will make an immediate difference. From March 28:
Seth Williams has a plan to reorganize the DA's office by neighborhood. Just as neighborhood groups attempt to have relationships with police, they would have relationships with District Attorneys. Getting DA's out in our neighborhoods, working with communities to both prosecute and to prevent crime, is a huge step in the right direction. Different neighborhoods have different needs, and Williams' plan would aim to address that. While car theft may be the biggest crime in one neighborhood, guns may be in another. A cookie cutter, wait and see approach does not work...

Third, this is a candidate who understands that
As one of the most visible faces of national law enforcement and the head of the largest law firm in Pennsylvania, the DA has a special obligation to be a leading advocate for justice reform and modernization in Washington and Harrisburg.
Fourth, this is a candidate that understands that if you do not address the public health aspect of the War on Drugs, you get nowhere.

The list goes on and on and on....

Those of us who want to see our City improve must put our money where our mouths are. We have a candidate who can make a real difference in this City. Please help. As we said, there are three important things you can do: One, email this post to as many people as possible, and spread the word. Two, sign up to volunteer on the campaign. And three, please donate, and help Seth run ads as the campaign winds down. Every dollar makes a difference.

Throughout the day, I will update the post with Philly bloggers who are joining in on the effort. Together, progressives in Philadelphia can make a difference. But, as I said, we have to put our money where our mouths are, and support a dynamic candidate who will enact real, progressive reform in Philadelphia.

Chris, from Rowhouse Logic joins in.
Jane says her piece.
Karl and Matt, editors of Philly Future, give a detailed case for change.
Alex at Music for America, steps to the plate.
ACM, of a Smoke Filled Room, spreads the word.
America's Hometown endorses Seth.

And they keep on coming:

Diary on DailyKos
Suburban Guerrilla
The West End
Chris Bowers at MyDD
Tim Tagaris at The Swing State Project.


At 5:09 PM, Blogger Brendan said...

thanks for this.
I've forwarded it on to all my friends in philly.
see y'all at DL next week!


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