Monday, April 11, 2005

Just another weekend in Philly: ten people shot

Jeez, its good we don't have any laws targeting illegal sellers of handguns. How else would the trauma centers at HUP and Temple keep busy?

From the Daily News:
Philadelphia's gun violence continued this weekend with at least 10 people shot late Saturday into early yesterday at eight sites from the Northeast to South Philadelphia, according to police.

Most of the shooting victims are young males, police said, and only one is older than 30.


Rev. Anthony Floyd, president of the Philadelphia Council of Clergy and a member of the police clergy, called for residents to take a stand against violence.

"We need community outcry," Floyd said. "We need to get the community involved, get out on the corners."

Sterling, of Nicetown, said that in the 16 years he has lived on his block, the area has become safer but that there still are several shootings every year there.

"Folks don't know what they need to do to rise above their situation," said Sterling.

"They are burdened."
Ten people shot. One weekend. Terrific.


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