Monday, April 11, 2005

If only more people read this site...

...they would have known this:
The city's white-collar employee union today snubbed District Attorney Lynne M. Abraham, endorsing challenger Seth Williams in the May 17 Democratic primary.

"He's a mover and a shaker," said Linda Rhym, vice president of AFSCME District Council 47, which represents 3,400 city workers, including some staff in the prosecutor's office and the city prisons. "He has a vision and a goal ... his ideas were excellent."

The endorsement gives Williams, a former assistant prosecutor, another political credential in the campaign for district attorney, which has so far been a low-key affair. He was endorsed two weeks ago by of the Fraternal Order of Police, which represents active and retired Philadelphia officers.
Yaaaaawn. Remember this post, seven days ago? Ben said:
Williams received the nod today from AFSCME DC 47. DC 47 represents over 5,000 employees, many of them city workers. The leadership of DC 47, particularly President Thomas Paine Cronin, is known for supporting progressive causes.
If you want to know, read Young Philly Politics. If you want to know late, read the Inquirer.

Good news of course for Seth Williams. Drip drip drip. He is slowly getting more coverage. But it does irritate me that the Inquirer called the race "low-key." Why is it "low key"? Because they have not covered it? There are literally issues of life and death at stake here. The only thing low-key has been their coverage.


At 2:20 AM, Anonymous dragonballyee said...

keep beating those suckers to the scoop. they'll end up sourcing you at some point and the audience will come. you're all doing great things here.

At 1:43 PM, Blogger ACM said...

The only thing low-key has been their coverage.

thanks for filling the gap!


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