Thursday, April 28, 2005

Former Assistant DAs For Seth Responds

I got this email, and though you should see it:
We are so pleased you have recognized Seth Williams as a great candidate for Philadelphia District Attorney. As former Assistant DAs in Philadelphia, we have first hand experience working with Seth. Without a doubt, Seth was one of the best leaders and innovators in the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office. It was a great blow to the morale in the DA's Office when Seth left to pursue private practice. Seth was the person in management everyone could talk to about professional problems without fear of reprisal. Seth's plan for community-based prosecution is sound. Having ADAs who handle cases from beginning to end will tighten the ties between communities, victims, cops and prosecutors. Seth also wants to hire and train the best possible candidates to be ADA's --- and then trust them to use their own sound judgment. This is a brilliant change from the current office policy where ADA's are forced to prosecute every case to the fullest regardless of what common sense and good judgment call for. If we are truly interested in a better Philadelphia criminal justice system, we need to find time and money to help Seth Williams.

Former ADAs for Seth


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