Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Cohen Brothers do Philadelphia Politics!

O Brother Where Art Thou?, 2000:
Pappy O'Daniel sits smoking a cigar, nursing a glass of whiskey, and soliciting the counsel of his overweight retinue.

PAPPY: Languishing! Goddamn campaign is languishing! We need a shot inna arm! Hear me, boys? Inna goddamn ARM! Election held tomorra, that sonofabitch Stokes would win it in a walk!

JUNIOR: Well he's the reform candidate, Daddy.

Pappy narrows his eyes at him, wondering what he's getting at.

PAPPY: ...Yeah?

JUNIOR: Well people like that reform. Maybe we should get us some.

Pappy whips off his hat and slaps at Junior with it.

PAPPY: I'll reform you, you soft-headed sonofabitch! How we gonna run reform when we're the damn incumbent!

Philadelphia, 2005:

District Attorney Lynne M. Abraham today said the city's criminal courts should be reorganized along geographic lines so that judges are assigned to handle all the cases from a particular area.

Abraham told members of City Council during a two-hour hearing on her office's budget that such "zone courts" would be more efficient, leading to fewer dismissals of cases, fewer trial delays and more accountability.


"I bitterly object to - to get political for a moment - my opponent saying, 'Oh, 50 percent of the cases are dismissed because the DA's not ready,'" Abraham said after the hearing. "That's not true at all. It's the antiquated way of randomly assigning cases to courtrooms that is in large measure responsible for it."
Other than to say I may watch too many movies, I think I will just let this stand, as is.


At 12:45 AM, Blogger Charles said...

Yeah. You do watch too many movies. Murder In The First anyone?


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