Saturday, April 30, 2005

Abraham gets "F" from African-American Chamber of Commerce

Oh Lynne! What are you thinking? (It is a shame this article is in the Daily News on Saturday, when about 8 people ready it.) Lynne Abraham, in her infinite good judgment decided not to answer a questionnaire from the African-American Chamber of Commerce. Maybe this is her attempt to further help Seth Williams and his campaign?

From the DN article, by two of the better Philly reporters, Attytood blogger Will Bunch, and city beat writer/Radio Times guest host Dave Davies:
The questionnaire asked candidates to commit to a variety of policies relating to African-American job training, economic empowerment and inclusion in building trades unions.

Abraham's Democratic opponent, Seth Williams, earned an "A" from the Chamber for his responses, but Abraham said yesterday the survey posed several policy questions she believed had nothing to do with her job as district attorney.


"We believe a District Attorney in 2005 should try and attack the sources of crime, not just arrest and re-arrest people," Crawley said yesterday. "And even if [these issues] aren't your direct responsibility, you have a pulpit as a citywide elected official, and people will seek your opinion of a variety of subjects."
Couple thoughts: Lynne Abraham keeps this up she may do enough to alienate the African-American community (again). Also, is it just me, or is she so damned short-sighted? Does she honestly think things are going well in Philly? Really? Maybe she thinks if she can just get the death penalty a few more times, things will really work out.

Keep it up through election day, Ms. District Attorney.


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