Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Victory in the Falls

East Falls, that is. And Nicetown, Germantown and Hunting Park, as well. The Lower Merion School District has reconsidered its decision to house their loud, slow and smelly buses in a depot in East Falls/Allegheny West/Hunting Park, whatever. The buses would clog up the Roosevelt Expressway, and when traffic was bad (which is often), they would clog up NW Philly streets. It was a bad idea.

From the Daily News:
The announcement by Lower Merion School Superintendent Jaime Savedoff was greeted by applause and handshakes among the some 50 Philadelphians who braved a downpour to attend the school board meeting in the library of the Lower Merion High School in Ardmore.

In case the decision went the other way, opponents had planned a 110-car motorcade to drive to Lower Merion at 6:30 this morning.

Majeedah Rashid, executive director of the Nicetown Community Development Corp., said she had to rush home to make phone calls to call off the demonstration.

"I'm so happy!" she said after the decision. She said she was also happy that the issue had brought the community together.

After the announcement, Ralph Wynder, leader of the 38th Ward, took the microphone and hailed the decision.

"Sometimes folks have to get into a fight before they become best friends," he said. "We received nothing but respect and understanding [from the Lower Merion officials]."
With Temple trying to pull a Penn, and help redevelop that part of the City, and East Falls ever expanding, this is not what the neighborhood needed.

Congratulations to the neighbors, to the ward leaders, to everyone who made sure, in a very civil yet forceful manner, that Lower Merion officials understood that this was not good idea. Hell, it seems like they even made some friends in the process.

It is nice when Philly and its residents win one.


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