Friday, March 04, 2005


A few days ago, Alex wrote that he thought we should Draft Anthony Zinni to run against Rick Santorum in 2006. Agree or not, it is certainly an interesting thought.

Then, within a day, conservative PA blogger pstupidonymous attacked the message of the piece, using the ever familiar arguments like "All this talk of "supporting the troops"... could that really have been tripe?" and "If you're effective at getting the deceit message out, and no one buys it, is it maybe time to admit that, maybe, just maybe, it's not really what you say?"

Let's just say that knowing Alex, I was waiting for an interesting response. And, yesterday it came, and it is well worth reading.

From his new Draft Zinni Blog:'s a dangerous world, and we should have a healthy fear of those dangers. Closing your eyes, placing your hands over your ears, and chanting "Bush is keeping me safe" isn't going to protect either you or me. But, again, thank you for speaking honestly about the issues, it takes a big man to admit that he doesn't concern himself with thinking about the national security threats we face today.
Worth reading for laughs alone.


At 10:23 PM, Blogger AlexC said...

It'd be a pretty good rebuttal, if it was factually based.


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