Wednesday, March 23, 2005

More on DA property theft

On Sunday, I wrote about the District Attorney's awful, cruel, and misguided policy of asset forfeiture, in drug cases where no one was even accused of a crime. I think, because this is such a bizarrely bad policy, it has struck a chord among fellow bloggers. (For example, A Smoke Filled Room, Attytood, and Rowhouse Logic all are spreading the word.) I think this is a situation, where, given that we are in an election year, and Lynn Abraham has an articulate, smart candidate running against her, we can win on this issue.

Another gem of a scenario from the civil forfeiture policy of the DA: (Broken Record- our locally elected, Democratic DA.) Lets say the DA seizes someone's home in North Philly. They then put it up for Sheriff Sale. A low income person sees a home for a reasonable price at Sheriff Sale, and buys it up. Well, guess what? Hopefully that new buyer realized that in the case of civil forfeiture, the original homeowner's mortgage is still valid, and is owed by whomever the new owner is. So, you have cases where low-income people buy a home, only to realize they are screwed by the fact that they are already in debt for it. But, for the DA, it doesn't matter, they already got their cut, and their dedicated revenue. They couldn't care less what happens afterwords.

Let's keep spreading the word. If we create a critical mass of noise about this practice, we will win.


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