Wednesday, March 09, 2005

East Falls hit with a double whammy

OK, so first, East Falls/Hunting park/ Allegheny West gets hit with smog from 99 Lower Merion School Busses that decide that while Lower Merion is too nice for loud, smoky busses, Philly is just fine. And then, today we find out this:
Woman's Medical Hospital is closing six months after a nonprofit organization led by cardiologist Nancy Pickering took over operations of the money-losing facility in Philadelphia's East Falls neighborhood.

Pickering told workers at a meeting this morning that she met with the hospital's board of directors last night and they made the decision to close because of the hospital's poor financial condition and prospects, according to a worker at the meeting.

"While we had hopes of rebuilding this community hospital with its rich heritage, there just wasn't enough patient revenue to support and maintain the operation of an acute-care facility," Pickering said in a statement.

She told hospital employees that some would continue to work until Friday, while others would need to stay longer to allow for the safe transfer of patients to other hospitals, said Beth Cantor, a mammography technician in the radiology department
As someone from that area, let me just say that this is an awful, awful thing. MCP was/is a part of the neighborhood. And, just out of curiosity, if you get really sick in West Germantown or the border of W. Mt Airy, where does an ambulance take you? Temple is a long drive in a life and death matter...


At 1:45 AM, Blogger Charles said...

When my Dad had his Heart Attack and coded, they took him to MCP. My Mom wanted them to take him to Temple, but they wouldn’t. I am not sure if he would have survived or not, but let’s just say that MCP has a special place in my heart. The people there saved my father’s life. This is a tragedy.

At 6:45 AM, Blogger Friedman said...

I think the most proximate hospital is in Roxborough. I live in East Falls and while I certainly don't think this closure is good, it gives us all an opportunity to rethink the use of this huge, sprawling campus in a more deliberative, thoughtful manner - maybe a more diversified portfolio including some residential and commercial? The fight to keep the hospital was very emotional, but there didn't seem to be any follow through. I went one night for treatment and it was nearly empty. I saw no indication that the hospital leadership was reaching out to the broader community to market their services. A full blown hospital hasn't worked in this area for quite some time - maybe the market is telling us something.

At 8:12 AM, Blogger DanielUA said...

While I agree there just does not seem to be a viable way to keep it open, it is pretty bad. If I am in the middle of SW Germantown, Roxborough is no quick trip, nor is Temple or Einstein or wherever.

In terms of now figuring out what to do with that space now, I agree creative thinking is needed. It certainly has a ton of value.


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