Monday, March 14, 2005

Center For Progressive Leadership: Drafting the PA farm team

I earlier wrote a little about the Center for Progressive Leadership, a new organization aimed at finding and grooming young progressives to run for office. They recently sent out an update, here is most of it:

The success of developing Pennsylvania's farm team of emerging leaders and future candidates relies on our collective ability to funnel the state's progressive talent through CPL's leadership training programs. To reach our vision of building PA's political talent pool, all of our efforts will be concentrated on one near-term goal:

To recruit Pennsylvania's smartest, most driven, still untapped,
emerging leaders to apply for our PA Political Leaders Fellowship.

CPL's Fellowship model does something completely new by providing ongoing, comprehensive leadership development support through a 9 month fellowship that includes group training, one-on-one coaching, mentoring, and networking. This part-time fellowship - that connects emerging leaders to political experts and to each other - helps them build the skills and tools it takes to be a successful candidate or activist. Twice a month for 9 months, Fellows will work intensively in groups and one-on-one to learn how to:
- Network
- Fundraise
- Deliver a message
- Speaking Publicly
- Build a campaign team
- Work a room, knock on a door, make an impression on an elevator
- Prepare themselves personally and politically now in order to be able to someday run for office

- Building the Team: More Recruiters means More Leaders
In order to build a deep talent pool, we must first find strong recruiters. Our recruiting team - which includes you - will represent every corner of the progressive coalition. To build a sustainable program, each of us must continuously search for both more recruiters and potential Fellows. Wherever you are, look around the room - at work, in meetings, neighborhood events, rallies, fundraisers, parties, bars, in line at Wawa... Our next generation of political leaders are all around us. It is our job to find them.
I strongly agree with the sentiment of the last few sentences. Future leaders are everywhere and anywhere. The more we expand our sights, the more talented people will emerge.

- Two Regional "Pre-Trainings": Training More Recruits means Recruiting More Fellows
In June, CPL will hold two 2-Day Pennsylvania Pre-Trainings - one in the Philadelphia area and one in the Pittsburgh area. These short-term, high-impact trainings provide us three opportunities:
1) To teach up to 200 emerging leaders political skills that will help them speak publicly, network, and fundraise.
2) To attract the most eager among them to apply for our 9-month Fellowship.
3) To test our reach, hone our recruitment skills, and assess PA's interest in serious leadership development.

Two successful June trainings will be our best tool to market our Fellowship and reach out to potential applicants. This is our chance to immediately start teaching political skills to an expanding talent pool in PA.

- Expanding our Email Reach: Exponential Growth
Assuming each of us represents 5 people who would be interested in learning about CPL, recruiting Fellows, applying for the Fellowship, or just spreading the word, we alone can expand CPL's reach fivefold in the next month. Who are the five people you can bring in?


ACTION ITEMS... Put these on your To-Do list:
1.) Forward this email to 5 of your friends, colleagues, neighbors, and family - from inside and outside traditional political circles. We'll only be able to reach untapped talent if we reach into untapped sources. (CC me on your forward, if you can)
2.) Email me your list of 5-10 email list additions, if you haven't already.
3.) Create your list of potential nominees. Who are your 2-3 top targets to apply for the Fellowship? Are you thinking about applying? Contact me if you have questions about the kinds of people you should be looking for.

Between this and the Neighborhood Networks, we are starting to see positive effects of the PA outreach for the 2004 election. Thankfully, people have not just gone away.

To get involved, either send me your email address, or go to their website and sign up. Frankly, given that Dems hold an advantage in party registration, there is no reason PA is so Republican dominated. Having a farm team of progressive leaders, trained in methods of running for office, is one important step to get us back to where we should be.


At 1:55 PM, Blogger ACM said...

This seems like a great idea/resource, but I have to admit that this opening rankles a bit:

The success of developing Pennsylvania's farm team of emerging leaders and future candidates relies on our collective ability to funnel the state's progressive talent through CPL's leadership training programs.

As though no progressive leader could ever come forward without their pipeline...

Ah well. Should be interesting to watch.

At 2:58 PM, Blogger Alex Urevick-Ackelsberg said...

Rankeled, huh? Just wait until you meet some of the leadership involved. ;-)

I better watch out, I don't want to burn my bridges before their even built...

At 2:22 PM, Blogger ACM said...

or before they're built, either...


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