Friday, March 11, 2005

Another PA Draft

It looks like I have some competition for drafting candidates to run for Santorum's senate seat (if you didn't read it below, I am advocating Drafting General Anthony Zinni to run).

This time the draft is aimed at Hardball host Chris Mathews (via GrassrootsPA). The Mathews drafters give five reasons why they think he should run:
  • Has remarkable depth and breadth of experience
  • Authored four best-selling books
  • Spent 15 years in politics and government
  • Is unafraid to stand up for what is right
  • Is a Philadelphia native
I have to say- I'm not a huge Chris Mathews fan. Outside of his "duel" with that psychotic geezer Zell "spitball" Miller, I have never seen Mathews actually play hardball with any of his guests. I also don't think that Mathews could have the ability to reframe any of the prominent issues in favor of a progressive candidate, in the way that I believe Zinni could reframe the national security debate.

But, regardless of these misgivings it is very refreshing to read Pennsylvanians thinking outside the box when it comes to choosing Senatorial candidates. The losers in the PA Democratic Party haven't fielded a winning Senatorial candidate in a general election in over 40 years. Shit, even the Eagles have won a championship in that time. It's time for some fresh ideas and fresh faces to enter into the PA Political scene, and I think that both of these Draft movements, as well as Chuck Penachio's campaign, are a move in the right direction.

It's time to lose the losers and choose some candidates who will actually win!


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