Monday, February 14, 2005

SEPTA Raillies: Did you go?

We had quite a lively discussion below on SEPTA. Did anyone head to Harrisburg for the SEPTA rally today? Did anyone brave the rain today at City Hall?

If so, post what you saw and heard, and thought of the whole thing...

Here is part of KYW's take on the rally:
Mayor Street also made the trip:

“We’re working for the little people around the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania who don’t have a lot of choices."

But the rally will likely do little to break the logjam over mass transit funding. Stephen Miskin is a spokesman for the House Republican leader:

“The transit issue already has everyone’s attention. Really, all that’s lacking is the governor’s leadership.”
Yeah, how dare PA expect legislators to take some initiative! It must be against the law! I wont bother wasting space discussing how many ways this makes me angry- just read John Baer's Valentine to SEPTA riders.

(Update, Tuesday morning)

Here is the Daily News take on the Rally:
Threatened by service cuts and fare hikes that would disrupt their lives, thousands of working people, seniors, students and disabled riders spent Valentine's Day huddled in a cold rain to rally for permanent mass transit funding.

A thousand Philadelphia working people boarded buses and a SEPTA train to the rally, including Henry Nicholas, venerable leader of Hospital Workers Union 1199C, who went because "my union is the largest parent in the public school system. Our members have 37,000 school children.

"Seventy-eight percent of our child care, home care and nursing home workers, and 47 percent of our hospital workers, ride public transit to their jobs.


At 5:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great comment about the state legislature. Did you ever read the Dr. Seuss tale, "The Zax", where the two creatures meet going opposites ways and both are too stubborn to let the other pass? All the while progress goes on its merry way all around them.
That's what I think of everytime I read, hear or think about the GOP leadership in the house and senate.


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