Thursday, February 17, 2005

A Letter from Seth Williams, candidate for District Attorney

I was sent this email from the Seth Williams campaign, and will re-print it in its entirety. I will write a little more about it tonight.

Check it out, Williams really seems like the real deal, so to speak. And, as I said before, especially amidst the pay-to-play cloud of cronysim that hangs over our City, new, principled leaders are a welcome sight, whether they win or not.

The letter follows:

Dear Philadelphian,

My name is Seth Williams and I am running for District Attorney.

On January 20, while George W. Bush was inaugurated a second time, Philadelphia
experienced the 14th murder of the new year. A lack of jobs, affordable
housing and access to education have been driving more and more of our
city's residents to violence and crime as solutions to their problems.
As a result, our city's murder and crime rates have been on the rise.

How has the District Attorney's office and our criminal justice system
adapted to meet the challenge of a weak economy and a city struggling
to provide opportunities for all?

It hasn't.

If we want to make real change in this city, we need to all pull
together and try something new. That's why I am asking you to support
my campaign to be Philadelphia's next District Attorney:{17C21D3B-F33E-409D-9F7C-

After more than a decade as a Philadelphia prosecutor, I know what it
takes to make the system work for all Philadelphians and that's why I'm
running for District Attorney.

I know that by building partnerships with town watches, schools, social
service agencies, churches, police and neighborhood organizations, we
can build a justice system that works just as hard to prevent crime as
it does in punishing criminals.

Mired in politics and lack of vision, our current District Attorney is
failing our children. Today, it's not enough to be "tough" on crime, we
must be "smart" on crime. If we really want to make a change in
Philadelphia, we have to follow the lead of other cities across the
nation and eliminate crime at its roots.

Please join me in making a change:{17C21D3B-F33E-409D-9F7C-

With the support of progressive Philadelphia voters like you, we can
reduce crime and expand opportunities for everyone.


Sincerely, Seth Williams Candidate for the Democratic Nomination for
District Attorney February 17th, 2005

PS- The only way my campaign to make changes in the District Attorney's
office is only going to work with grass roots support from committed
Philadelphians like you, so please spread the word about me to friends
and family!


At 3:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lynne Abraham will never get my vote
again. Her blatant disregard for basic
civil rights during the 2000 RNC Convention was appalling. She and Timony worked hand-in-glove to "pre-emptively arrest" protestors and then held them on ridiculously high bail - 1M in two cases. Ultimately NOT ONE of the people arrested was convicted of any crime.

Abraham also "over charges" causing unneccessary death penalty cases.
The Iverson arrest a couple years ago is a great example and I'm no Iverson fan. The charges she laid against him were unsupportable and
it was obvious to everyone except her.

Seth Williams seems like an acceptable choice so he'll get my vote in the primary.

If Abraham wins the primary, either the Green candidate or no one will be my choice.


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