Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Confirmed: Stalberg to head the Committee of Seventy

It is confirmed that former Daily News Chief Zack Stalberg will head the Committee of Seventy. From the Daily News:
The Committee of Seventy, a nonprofit group funded mostly by foundations and the business community, is best known for its monitoring of elections.

But under Stalberg, that is likely to change.

As a result of the City Hall "pay-to-play scandal" - and its negative impact on the city's image - the committee wants to play a much more active role in city politics, according to both Dunham and Stalberg.

"Basically I'm going to try to re-invent the organization," said Stalberg. "For many, many years, it was a tremendous instrument of reform in Philadelphia, and over time its mission got smaller and smaller."

He added: "Against the backdrop of pay-to-play and all these tremendously embarrassing head- lines, there's been a decision to try to bring back the Committee of Seventy to make it a tool for cleaning up the political environment."

Under Stalberg's guidance, the Daily News launched a number of campaigns to improve the city, and he said last night he'll be able to continue that in his new job.
Good. We do not need a wannabe politician in this role, we need a citizen activist. Stalberg fits the bill. It will be extremely interesting to see what changes he makes in the group as a result.


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