Sunday, January 09, 2005

Sunday Morning Thoughts

Who wants to go to Camp?
Camp Wellstone, the organization that came out of those who once ran Paul Wellstone's successful campaigns for Senate, is soon going to announce their schedule for 2005. Hopefully, they will come to Philly. The camp works with people participating in activities that focus one of three things: 1) Running for office yourself, 2)Helping to run a campaign or 3)Organizing your community. In their first year, they were wildly popular, and successful.

Paul Wellstone was the ultimate political, grass-roots organizer. The organization that bears his name has already shown that it is incredibly successful in its training. For example, in Minnesota, Camp Wellstone graduates almost single handedly gave the State House back to the Democrats. (Including the defeat of the Assistant majority leader by a 23 year old.)

If they announce the are coming to Philly, I will post it here right away. The camps fill up incredibly fast (and are cheap- $75 for three days, $35 or students and low-incomes). But if you want to do some organizing in the future, or if you want to help our generation start making our mark in Philly Politics, think about going.

Call Ed Rendell on Social Security
Our generation has the most to lose with Social Security destruction. Not only will the Bush plan saddle us with billions upon billions more in debt, but it will take the perfectly fine insurance program for our nation's senior citizens, and put it into the whims of the stock market. And why change a healthy, successful, popular program? Because right-wing nuts do not like the idea that a large, federal anti-poverty program can work so well. (For example, private insurance companies spend 20 cents of every dollar on admin overhead. Social Security? A penny. Think about that difference...)

Last week I wrote that the Governor needs to be a leader in the fight against Dubya and the privatization goons. Apparently according to some people in Harrisburg, he has heard very little. So please, if you get the chance, call him this week. It takes five minutes, but every call makes a big difference. Just tell whomever answers the phone that Social Security is healthy, successful and works well, and that for the good of all Pennsylvanians, we need to leave it alone... That alone will make a difference. His number is (717) 787-2500. Make sure he knows you are a constituent.


City Council should pass a resolution stating that the City of Philadelphia is opposed to the destruction of Social Security.
In the end, will it mean that much? Not really. But, I think it was a powerful statement when the council passed a law post 9/11 stating the City's opposition to the "PATRIOT" Act. When cities all over start doing the same thing, you are reminded that there is strong opposition to what Bush is doing. Hell, there might even be enough votes in the PA House to pass a similar resolution.


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