Thursday, January 20, 2005

More candidates for office

These are not particularly breaking, but nonetheless, they should be noted:

Tom Knox announces for Mayor
Tom who, you say? Well, I say the exact same thing. Apparently, Knox, the CEO of United Healthcare, has decided to throw his hat, and his wallet, into the ring. Knox said he is willing to put up 15 million dollars of his own money. As the Inquirer says, this run can be summed up as the "Michael Bloomberg effect."

Knox does have some experience in City Government. He served as a deputy mayor under Rendell, taking a salary of 1 dollar a year. That said, the idea that he is going to buy his way into City Hall is not something I particularly like, even if Bloomberg and New Jersey's Senator Corzine have proved that self-funded candidates can be pretty good.

Chuck Pennachio for Senate
On Tuesday, I wrote that Bob Casey is edging closer to running for Senate. And while I think that Casey should do this, I want to make sure we do not miss Chuck Pennachio. I, frankly, do not know much about him, other than he is a professor, passionate about grass-roots organizing, and compares himself to Paul Wellstone. Check out his website here.

There has been a lot of discussion about this candidacy at DailyKos, including a pretty interesting discussion that involved questions and answers with the candidate himself. Pretty interesting stuff...

Whether he can win or not, having a progressive, grass-roots political organizer talking to PA residents over the next 2 years will be a good thing.

One thing I am going to do as this website continues to grow, and as elections near, will be to ask candidates if they would like to write a letter, directly to all of us reading and writing on the site, about their candidacy. I will do this for all of them, including Pennachio, Seth Williams, and any other declared, Democratic candidate.

Tim Tagaris, from the Swing State Project, is working for Pennachio. I will ask him if he or the candidate is interested in discussing his run a little more. Stay tuned.


At 11:19 PM, Blogger Tim said...

The answer, is an emphatic, yes!

My favorite part of your post was when you talked about a grassroots organizer having an ongoing discussion with young Philadelphians for the next two years.

I actually think that sums up our campaign pretty well; a conversation with the grassroots. To be sure, the struggle will be uphill -- but I can promise you that you have never seen a campaign you will feel as involved with, informed about, and welcomed in than ours.

Thanks for the offer, I am sure we can work it out.


Pennacchio for Pennsylvania

At 1:27 AM, Blogger Charles said...

Thanks Tim, and welcome to Philadelphia. I actually think that I met Chuck at a meetup in Philly. I was a little pissed at Kerry at the time and wasn’t fully in the whole rah rah Kerry mode, and Chuck and I had a spirited discussion. I didn’t really get a chance to get to know him, but my friend Sam, who works with him, had good words to say about him, so I’m glad that he is running.

I hope to see you and/or Chuck at some future meetup in Philly.

Thanks again.

At 3:55 PM, Blogger Tim said...

Actually, we are in Doylestown right now. Hopefully our main HQ will be in Philly within the next 2 months; we shall see.

As for a Philly Meetup, I am sure you will see me down there quite a few times during the next two months. I think my first stop might be "drinking liberally" next Tuesday. Not sure yet though.

Thanks for the welcome.



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