Monday, January 10, 2005

Maybe the Governor is giving them milk and cookies?

In case you didn't know, this evening Republican leaders are currently at the Governor's Mansion, holding a SEPTA summit. John Baer, of the Daily News, does not seem hopeful. And, since Baer is the Harrisburg veteran, I would defer to his skepticism. It is good to see the Daily News keeping up their coverage of SEPTA.

He gives us the ever strange nugget that the last time the governor held a summit at his mansion, Rendell greeted them all in gym shorts. And while that is a strange thought, as it is thinking that the Gov. may be reading John Perzel and Sam Smith "Goodnight Moon," it strikes me that this is a little besides the point. (Similarly to when the DN spent way too much damn ink discussing how many cold cuts that Gov. Purchased, at a time when he was saving the State millions.) So, back to the real point, John.

The mass transit fiasco is just one example of why we need new blood in the State Houses, and why we need a Democratic majority as soon as possible. (And why, someone like Josh Richard hopefully will run in 2006. We cannot continue to have status quo leadership in PA, because this State is lagging in too many different ways to keep on this road.)

(Update, 1/10/05, 11PM: It does not look like the meeting led to anything. Terrific. Way to keep the provincialism going strong, Rep. Smith.)


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