Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Is this is a sick joke?

This has nothing to do with Philly. But I though this was so bizarre, and so repugnant, that it should be posted and emailed everywhere. (Click on the link above for a much longer piece by Alex. I will ask him to write about it here, as well.)

CORE, or the Congress for Racial Equality, one of the nation's oldest civil rights groups is having a fundraiser. Guess who one of the honorees is? Karl Rove. Karl effing Rove. Karl "lets-systematically-disenfranchise-minorities" Rove. This is so bizarre that it seems like an internet hoax.

Who is next? Orval Faubus? You mean Bull Connor wasn't available?

Check out Alex's post.

(Update: I forgot to mention, the fundraiser is a "celebration" in honor of Dr. King... They are dancing on his grave.)


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