Friday, January 14, 2005

Impromptu Happy Hour in Philly?

This plea for drinking partners was just posted on MyDD:
I need large amounts of alcohol. Well, there is a need, and there is a want. I need drinks because of all this Bush news today.
First, the need. I mean, I think it is time for God to end his little experiment of seeing if one person so dumb and feeble could really destroy the world in 8 mortal years. Only alcohol can numb the pain that is George W. Bush.

And there is the want. The Philadelphia Eagles will be dispatching with the lowly Minnesota Vikings and the scumbag Randy Moss this Sunday, and I must celebrate.

So if any MyDDians wish to join me in Philly, post a comment
I'm not in town, but I assume that some of you might be down for some drinks...


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