Monday, January 31, 2005

From across the River: Codey not running for NJ Gov.

Richard Codey, who took over as NJ Gov. after the McGreevey scandal, will announce today that he is not running for Governor. I do not know much about Codey, other than the fact that he seems like a good guy, and that when idiot radio host Craig Carton (an ex WIP-er, no less) made awful jokes about Codey's wife and her battles with post-partum depression, Codey confronted Carton (way younger than the Guv), and threatened to take him outside. I grew up listening to Carton do nights on WIP (and get fired for making stuff up about Eric Lindros), and I have to say, Codey may have made a lot of people happy if he what he threatened to do.

Codey is not running because Jon Corzine is leaving the Senate to run for the job. Corzine is popular, can raise money, and can spend his own fortune. He has seemed to be a pretty decent Senator, and will hopefully be a good Governor. That said, I hope we see Gov. Codey again, maybe in Corzine's current seat.


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