Friday, January 14, 2005

Excellent column on City corruption

We learned today that Mayor Street is being subpoenad to testify by the defense in one of the City corruption trials. Super. Nothing says clean politics like the Mayor being brought into court.

While I don't think Street will go down in all of this, it seems a lot more likely than it did two weeks ago. With people plea barganing, and former City officials saying Street knew what was going on, it is getting a little more damning every day. At this point, whether he did anything or not, it is clear that he knew what the culture was, and let his friends, and especially his brother, make huge profits from taxpayers as a result.

It is one thing to sort of keep your eyes closd to it all, and tell yourself that is just how it goes in Philly politics. But when your scoundrel of a brother makes 30,000 bucks a month off our backs,there is a real problem. Read the Elmer Smith column (and generally, read all of Elmer Smith's columns) for a very good take on all of this.

When John and Milton Street first came into politics, they were rough, loud, and most of all, reformers. Now...

I think if the John Street from 1980 saw himself today, he would be ashamed of the actions of his brother, people within his administration, and maybe himself, as well.


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