Thursday, December 09, 2004

When good football players go bad: Former Steeler gearing up for run against Rendell

I don't know how many of you saw this, but, former Steeler and NFL Hall of Famer Lynn Swann is thinking of running against Gov. Rendell in 2006. While I think Swann will not make it out of the primary, and even if he does, will get crushed by Rendell, this is just another example of celebrity politics. From Ah-nold in Cawi-for-nya, to MSNBC's Chris Matthews being floated as a potential opponent to Santorum, celebrity candidates are a mistake. Our elections and our democracy should not be a big personality cult. (Ie, Kerry is long winded, I can't deal with that for four years! Bush, I don't like anything he has done, but man, he is a cowboy! )

What has Swann done to merit running one of the biggest states in the US, besides the obvious qualification of catching long touchdown passes? Well, he apparently campaigned for Bush in Pa. (I guess he wasn't good enough.) Sorry Lynn, I would assume you keep riveting us from the sidelines, letting us know what the head coach told you at half time, rather than deciding policy for the Commonwealth.

And, why is Swann a Republican anyway? Well, here is what he says:

"They provide platforms, and they don't give people crutches to walk on," he said. "They give them tools to build. "

I can only assume some of those platforms are the following: No public transit. Dirty air. Under funded public schools. No health care. Less overtime pay.

Yeah Lynn, the Republican-driven change from a society that rewards work to a society that rewards wealth certainly does not give people crutches. It gives them chains.


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