Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas, and a letter to Sen. Kerry

I hope everyone has a great Christmas, and holidays, in general. I will start posting again in the next couple of days. I have been recruiting more people to start posting their own stuff, and I may even have been mildly fruitful. So, hopefully some new voices will start popping up on here soon.

In the mean time, not to do with Philly directly, here is a text of a letter I sent to John Kerry two days ago. Any comments?

Have a great night. The letter is below...

Hi Senator Kerry,

Can you believe that almost two months have past since the election disaster? I imagine, like many of us, you still cannot figure out how you lost. If only you read this blog over the past few months, you would have seen a painful, but wonderful debate about how all this happened. (You may want to ask Elizabeth Edwards for an update, she seems to be a reader). Whether the awful result was about framing and values, a war President, a timid candidate (you), a Country gone awry, a billion-dollar right-wing infrastructure, voter suppression, the election simply coming two months too soon, or a healthy mix of all of them, no one can be sure.

What is clear is that voter suppression aside, George Bush did not win a mandate, but still kicked your butt. There is an endless debate as to whether Bush the candidate was spectacular, or whether he was the "worst of the worst," yet still soundly beat you. Senator, I do not pretend to know the answer to that question, and it is not why a write you today. Instead, I write you to suggest a course of action that you take that can help our country, and maybe even help you in the future.

I know that many people are telling you that should you decide to run again, you are probably an automatic front-runner in 2008. Unfortunately sir, those people are simply telling you what you want to hear. We (or I should say the people of Iowa) elected you because they thought you had the best chance to defeat an awful President. Exit poll after exit poll confirmed that you had united people behind one common theme: giving us, in theory, the best shot at stopping the destructive path on which we now travel. Fortunately for all of us, that will not be an issue for us in four years. With a VP who is 106 years old, this administration has no clear successor. Candidates will not be running on legacies, but will be running on ideologies, ideas and values. Do you think you can win a campaign like this? I don't. I do think, Sir, that you now have an opening. It may not take you to the White House. But, the history books, and all of us, may look back onto your decision as one that helped turn the tide against the march towards injustice and destruction.

Have you read the New York Times today, Senator? A few of the headlines, in case you missed it, are "Administration Overhauls Rules for U.S. Forests," "Students to Bear More of the Cost of College" and "Holiday Memories Sharpen the Pain for Families of Soldiers Killed in Iraq." Good day, eh? Only in the Bush Administration can we be reminded of a disastrous foreign policy, a clear desire to destroy the environment and a national policy of keeping more poor kids out of college, all before breakfast!

Would things have been different with you in the White House? Of course. But, as I said before, the question becomes, what do you do now? I suggest, Senator, that you take it upon yourself to call a spade a spade. Call out President Bush, every day, in every possible way. Do not disappear from the radar, a la Al Gore. Instead, be everywhere, pointing out the President's lies. (Can we call them that now?) Find your redemption and ours, by taking a group of kids who would be left out of college to the gates of the White House, and hold a press conference asking the President to tell these children to their face, why college should not be a realistic option for them. Go to New York City, and hold a press conference with thousands of kids with newly developed Asthma behind you, and ask the President why he does not think they deserve clean air. Stand with families of killed soldiers in Iraq, and ask the President why he has a Defense Secretary that cares only about his weekly squash game, and uses an auto pen to sign "death letters."

You are in a unique position, sir. Democratic activists do not see you as the future of the party, and I agree. (Most of them would point to a man on the cover of Newsweek). But, in your position as the most well known Democrat in the land, you have the unique power to remind Americans what President Bush said in the campaign, and what he is doing now. So, follow him around, upstage him relentlessly. When he travels around the country, go there first, remind the local media and the local citizens what the President promised, and what he is now delivering. You cannot be the President, probably ever. But right now, what we need more than anything else, you can fulfil. We need an advocate and an attack dog, a constant counterpoint to Bush lies. No one can fill this better than you.

Senator, as things stand, you will not win another Democratic primary. But who knows, if all goes well, maybe the faithful will reconsider. Either way, do this job for the next four years, and do it well. A nation, at least 48.5 percent of one, will thank you.

I hope you accept.

Your supporter,



At 11:52 AM, Blogger DanielUA said...

Just to be clear, I originally posted this on, which was the website I was referring to in the first page of the letter.


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