Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Breaking News: Rendell temporarily bails out SEPTA

As expected, Gov. Rendell gave SEPTA (as well its Pittsburgh counterpart) a few more months to breathe today (link in title above).

From the Inquirer:

The state will contribute $10.3 million in stopgap funding to help the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority avoid raising fares and slashing service in the short term.

Kate Phillips, a spokeswoman for Gov. Ed Rendell, wouldn't say where the money is coming from." It's temporary, it won't tide the transit systems over until March and April," Phillips told The Associated Press. "By itself, this package will only postpone the day of reckoning."

Philips also said Rendell will release a letter asking legislative leaders to meet in a special session Jan. 11 to begin developing a long-term funding fix. The new two-year legislature will be sworn in Jan 4, but is not scheduled to convene until late January.

This is obviously only temporary, but hopefully this delays the crisis enough so that the legislature can actually do something once it is back in session.


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