Tuesday, November 30, 2004

A few thoughts on what this "could be"

I thought, for the few readers thus far, I would sketch out a few thoughts of how I think this blog can be useful, and what my general thoughts are on it.

1) I would like as large and as diverse a group of people posting their own material as possible.
-I think I have a pretty good handle of some parts of the politics and issues of our fair city. But, there are certain issues I know nothing about. Frankly, there are certain parts of the city I do not know enough about. While I could give you a good feel for what is happening in Fairmount or Germantown and Mt Airy, I do not understand the nuances of what is happening in Juniata, Overbrook, etc. Philly is a city of neighborhoods. And while we have plenty that unites us, there are also unique perspectives, whether from your neighborhood, your experience or just your state of mind that would be really worthwhile to hear. So, the more the merrier. If you want to post your own topic, email me, and I can add you to the "team list" or whatever they call it on here. I do not want this to be 'mine.' I know for a while it will be, because I am currently talking generally to... Myself. But if this takes off the way it could, then, it can reach a size where it is, as I said last night, a place where those young and youngish can argue, debate, network and get involved in the politics of Philadelphia.

2) I do not expect a large group to "happen" on the site right away.
-Like everything to do with making change happen, these things take time to develop. So, I, and hopefully a couple of others out there, will just post away. In the spirit of Ray Kinsella's voice in the cornfields, if we write it, they will come. I hope.

3) We should think small, we should think big
-Obviously, the final impact of this will be directly related to how many people we get involved. I was someone who was long skeptical of blogs, and the internet in general. I think, however, that the past couple of years have proved me dead wrong. The net is a powerful tool to gather those who would otherwise never meet. The more people we get involved, the more letters to the editor we write, the more good candidates we support, the more candidates we field ourselves all can build into a powerful movement. (For example, Charles, is there any reason at all that you are not running for committeeman in Germantown?) In terms of bigger thoughts, is there any reason that we cannot be organizing our friends, our social networks and anybody who is not clinically insane to beat Rick Santorum in 2006?

4) I know nothing about running a blog, which may or may not matter
-It certainly does not matter now, when I am posting to the few. But if anyone knows anything about HTML, etc, please feel free to email me and we can make some changes to the blog. For example, a background with Philly, instead of London, or whatever city that is.

So, for now I will probably post once a day or so, with Philly news, events, etc. For all that are out there, I encourage you to do the same.


If you write a blog, and no one reads it, was it ever written?

Ah, the age old (or five years old) problem of blogging. Is anyone going to read it? Well, I am sure my mom will if I tell her. So I have that going for me, which is nice.

Anyway, dear reader, (mom), my idea is to create a place for those involved in Philly politics (especially the young and youngish) to have a spot to discuss strategy, argue, and try and expand the network of those who feel deeply connected to this corner of our state, and want to make a difference. Also, this is for those who may think that whole "Young Involved Philadelphia" seems to be a little yuppie-ish, and a little too much tailored to that one guy in the news to eventually run as mayor.

I am interested in talking about the biggest of the big (beating Santorum), as well as the vital nitty-gritty (getting many of us to start running as committeemen, and otherwise getting inside the powerful Democratic machine.) We have a lot of work to do, both inside and outside of our system.

And if no one reads it (besides you, mom)? Well, then this will simply be an outlet for me to write, get my thoughts out, and of course, to ask my mom when I can come over for dinner.

More soon...

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